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Embrace Your Inner Rebel: How to be a Fearless Leader

Fortune favors the bold. But what do you do if you’re naturally introverted or shy? Both Kaila and Kiki grew up as wallflowers but later on grew up to be rockstars and leaders in their industries. What they learned during their journey is that courage is not the absence of fear but the ability to act in spite of it.

It takes courage to be a rebel. Most would prefer to do what’s safe and familiar.  In this keynote, Kaila and Kiki encourage student leaders to “disrupt the status quo”. In society, we are encouraged to conform, but in the end, we celebrate the visionaries, those who can see the world through a new lens.

What would the world be like today without boldly influential rebels such as Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, and Rosa Parks?

Kaila and Kiki use examples from their own development as musicians and travel experts/authors. They both gained notoriety as bandmates in an all-girl Asian rock band, touring all over the world and connecting with thousands of fans. They achieved unforgettable milestones such as being featured in The Rolling Stone, opening for Marilyn Manson at The Sunset Music Festival and playing for Taylor Swift and Usher at the MTV Music Awards.

However being musicians was diametrically opposed to what they were taught by their parents: to become professionals, with 401ks, and dependable careers.  Kaila and Kiki share how to embrace your inner rebel, and being influenced by what other people think.

This keynote will tell an authentic story of how Kaila and Kiki went for their dreams, despite their critics. Students will learn how to be disruptive and rebellious so that they can shine in their leadership positions, career goals, and passionate pursuits.

Learning Outcomes:

  • The importance of developing your own unique voice
  • How to develop the confidence to live life on your own terms
  • How to harness rebellion to bring about positive change

How to Travel Fearlessly: Building the Right Mindset for Travel

There’s nothing truly more gratifying that appeasing our inherent nature to explore. Traveling fulfills our curiosity, our desires to gain more knowledge of the unknown.

However, many people believe travel is out of reach. Travel is something that only the rich and the fortunate have the opportunity to leisurely experience. 65.3% of Americans say that leisure travel is somewhat of a budget priority for them (Destination Analysts), but most Americans have no idea how to even pursue their travel dreams.

They say,

“Travel is too expensive…”
“Travel is too difficult…”
“Travel takes too much time…”

These statements simply aren’t true. Travel seems out of reach because of our limiting travel beliefs. But most importantly, travel is stifled by our fear of the unknown.

Learning Outcomes:

In this talk, Kaila and Kiki will discuss how to change your mindset for travel, as stated in their Best Selling book 30-Day Travel Challenge: How to Make Your Travel Dreams a Reality.  

We’ll cover:

  • Making your negative thoughts and worries tangible and easier to overcome through daily journaling
  • Creating a peaceful atmosphere in your mind through daily meditation
  • Eliminating fear through the power of positive affirmation practice

We’ll also cover how these practices can help benefit not only your travel endeavors but also your daily life.

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